Matrix 35

Matrix 35 breaks our golden rule of ignoring the outpourings of the Whittington Press: there is a telling account of the collecting of our posters and ephemera; and images from some recently discovered 35mm film …

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The Puffin by Peter Allen

The Puffin

by Peter Allen

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Apple Girl

Apple Girl by Andrew Anderson

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Rose’s Aga Recipes

Text by Rosalind Randle, linocuts by Judith Verity, this classic of kitchen literature and family life has gone through five editions.

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Caslon 12-point extra sorts fount

‘Why are William Caslon’s types so excellent and so famous? To explain this & make it really clear . . .

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When Caxton Discovered

Hilary Pepler is among the most colourful exponents of twentieth-century letterpress printing. Here he allows his gaze to fall (inaccurately, see footnote) on the origins and socio-religious history (a few references missing here) of the printed word. But his sheer

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Types from Presses

This one was first printed as the frontispiece for Pages from Presses (2006). We decided this was the best way to show off the various types used by the earlier private presses from Kelmscott onwards that were the subject of

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Pastorale, a selection of wood-engravings by Lucien Pissarro (son of Camille), was printed on three of Joseph Batchelor’s hand-made papers made to William Morris’ specification, from the original blocks lent to us by the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. Charles Ricketts

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A Vision of Order

Much of 2010 and 2011 were taken up with printing Andrew Anderson’s linocuts for A Vision of Order (2012). These striking images, some of which took up almost the entire 20 x 30-inch bed of the Western proof press, and

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