A Vision of Order

Much of 2010 and 2011 were taken up with printing Andrew Anderson’s linocuts for A Vision of Order (2012). These striking images, some of which took up almost the entire 20 x 30-inch bed of the Western proof press, and some showing the effects of some forty years of neglect, were beautifully printed by Tom Mayo. The text, which did not need such individual attention to the inking, was printed on the Wharfedale cylinder press.
We printed this one as a keepsake for the 2011 open day, the type borrowed from the recently printed prospectus, and the paper left over from the book. The ochre used for the text mirrors the colour used for a few of the linocuts in the book. Andrew’s caption in the book reads: ‘A wedding present for friends who were married on 5 March 1960, with verses from the second chapter of the Song of Songs. Lovers carouse under a waning moon in a pantiled shed, screened by gothic panelling. Wine jars and apples litter the floor. Crosses in the sky and on the coverlet hallow the marriage.’

25 ½ x 15 ½ ins, 72-, 36-, 30-, and 18-point Caslon, Zerkall mould-made, linocut by Andrew Anderson, about 100 copies.


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