Matrix is above all a good read, a visual treat, and a unique record of the renaissance of fine printing that was initiated by the foresight of William Morris, and that continues to this day. Edited, typeset, printed and distributed from its home at Whittington, there is nothing else quite like it, nor is there likely to be. From its premises in Gloucestershire (once described by one of our first American visitors as ‘a shack’, but who nevertheless seemed tempted to make us an offer for the whole thing) it has made great efforts over the years to see at first hand what the rest of the world is up to, and its coverage of the work of other presses around the globe has been unusual.

Matrix 36

Matrix 36 is now in proof, and will be published in Spring 2020. It will be an unusually full issue as it may be the last in the series. It can be reserved now at the pre-publication price of £90.

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Matrix 35

Matrix 35 breaks our golden rule of ignoring the outpourings of the Whittington Press: there is a telling account of the collecting of our posters and ephemera; and images from some recently discovered 35mm film …

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