Matrix 35

Matrix 35 breaks our golden rule of ignoring the outpourings of the Whittington Press: there is a telling account of the collecting of our posters and ephemera; and images from some recently discovered 35mm film recording the installation of the Wharfedale Press through the end of the building in 1974. Other topics include printers’ social life in Minneapolis in the ’80s, living and working in the Gill household at Pigotts in 1939, travels in Afghanistan, roofing in 6-point Gill Sans, and an engraver’s collage of buildings from the Iron Age to City skyscrapers. Matrix 34 seemed in retrospect a little short of other printers’ work, and we have addressed this here with inserts printed by a number of other printers, as well as a good scattering of wood-engravings, linocuts and colour plates, with the text printed in a wide range of Monotype founts including Goudy Modern, Cochin, Van Dyck, Bodoni, Walbaum, Gill, Caslon, Univers, Perpetua and Times, a continuing celebration of Morison’s legacy at Monotype, now dating back almost a century. C O N T E N T S A Tale of Two Collections, by Sophie Schneideman;  Rambles in Letterpress, by Alan Brignull; With the Gills at Pigotts, by Clemency Stanes; White Line, Black Line, by John Craig;  The Bodoni Museum, by Michael Daniell;  Catterson-Smith’s ‘Little Job’, by William S. Peterson;  Kliluk: Creating an Asemic Alphabet, by Barbara Henry;  The Kliluk Project at Swamp Press, by Ed Rayher;  Peter Scupham, Poet-Bookseller by George Ramsden;  The House where Phil Lived, by Rob Rulon-Miller;  Doing the Odd Linocut, by Frances Fineran; A Tale and its Unfolding, the Final Instalment: Kickshaws at La Maison des Mots, by John Crombie;   David Wakefield’s Type Lore, by Miles Wigfield;  A Young Craftsman at Daneway, by Simon Verity;  Afghanistan – a Journey, by Peter Chasseaud;  Typographical Architecture, by Otto Gobey;  Ina Bandy’s Photographs of Matisse, by John Bidwell;  Star Attraction: Dunbar Hay, by Alan Powers;  Collecting Whittington Posters, by James Freemantle;  Ageing and Building, by Hilary Paynter;  The Allamanda Press, by Paul Hatcher;  Spanning the Decades: Eighty Years at OUP, by Andrew Schuller;  A Typefounder’s Diary, by Nick Gill;  Stanley Lane, in conversation with Sheila Markham; Moving in the Wharfedale, by John Randle;  Book Reviews, by Jerry Kelly, Patrick Randle and John Randle. 


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