Types from Presses

This one was first printed as the frontispiece for Pages from Presses (2006). We decided this was the best way to show off the various types used by the earlier private presses from Kelmscott onwards that were the subject of this unusual leaf book. The blocks of the types were made from copper electros, the expense justified by the sharpness of the reproduction of the types, which cannot be equalled by conventional zinc line blocks.
It was printed for the book on Batchelor’s Otter paper, and we reprinted it for the Summer Show on Saunders mould-made, six inches deeper than the Otter, so we could add another six proprietary types that we had in the Press. These were cast by the Dale Guild Foundry in New Jersey, with the exceptions of the Ungut and Stanislaus (probably its only appearance outside Stockholm), the Treyford for which we bought the matrices from Monotype, and the Regulus which was designed and cast by Dan Carr in Massachusetts. These had all illustrated articles in various issues of Matrix.

27 ½ x 17 ½ ins, 72-, 22-, 14-, 12- and 11-point Caslon, and various others, T. H. Saunders mould-made, 150 copies.


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