Matrix 34

Matrix 34 encompasses a wide variety of topics, united by its primary interest in printing by letterpress, from metal type. This preoccupation can take many forms, and includes this year . . .

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Matrix 33

Matrix 33 contain some 160 pages, including 8 pages of colour plates; type specimens printed in Sweden, Italy, America and the UK; and many other linocut, and line and colour illustrations. The contents includes: ‘A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall’: Protest

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Matrix 32

The 32nd issue of Matrix, the annual ‘Review for Printers and Bibliophiles’, is now published. Printed by letterpress in a variety of Monotype faces from hot metal (‘as God intended’, as the Revd Bernard Roberts, an early and regular Matrix

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La Pinson chante la Pluie*

La Pinson chante la Pluie

by Peter Allen

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Whittington Summer Show poster, 2017

Whittignton Summer Show poster, 2017.

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Garden Birds Gather

Gardens Birds Gather was originally intended for production at the Whittington Press Open Day on 3 September where Peter is usually able to work under bright skies. Sadly rain intervened in 2016 and until now the poster, like the birds, has been kept

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Rose’s Aga Recipes

Text by Rosalind Randle, linocuts by Judith Verity, this classic of kitchen literature and family life has gone through five editions.

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A Vision of Order, 2011

Andrew Anderson’s linocuts on a monumental scale. Indescribable, but the inspiration probably includes mediaeval architecture, Eric Gill, the holy spirit, and the tradition of fine printing on an Albion press.

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Matrix 30

John Craig never met his grandfather Edward Gordon Craig, who lived then in the South of France, but these affectionate letters show that the old man appreciated and fostered his grandson’s emerging talents. George Ramsden tracked down the life of

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Caslon 12-point extra sorts fount

‘Why are William Caslon’s types so excellent and so famous? To explain this & make it really clear . . .

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It’s Hard to Tell a Lie

This quotation appeared on James Mosley’s blog, and it appealed to us as Caslon (used here) is our favourite face. 60 copies were printed for the 2009 open day, and for the Caslon Club, an esoteric group whose membership is

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When Caxton Discovered

Hilary Pepler is among the most colourful exponents of twentieth-century letterpress printing. Here he allows his gaze to fall (inaccurately, see footnote) on the origins and socio-religious history (a few references missing here) of the printed word. But his sheer

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