letterpress type

Walbaum 12-point

Monotype Walbaum (Series 374) was cut in 1934. It is surprisingly versatile for a ‘modern’ face, and it appears best on a smooth-surfaced paper. To do it full justice, it needs . . .

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Bodoni 16-point Roman

A quarter strength jobbing fount of 16-point Roman. Giambattista Bodoni, born at Saluzzo in 1740, came from a family of printers. He served his apprenticeship in the press of the Propaganda Fide and later took charge of the Stamperia Reale

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Centaur 22 on 18pt Roman

Centaur, originally designed by Bruce Rogers and hand-cut in 1915 for casting into case, was redrawn for Monotype and reissued in 1929. It was first used by Rogers for his Oxford Lecturn Bible, described by Stanley Morison as the ‘most

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Grot 215, 215 italic and 216

A quarter strength jobbing fount of 9 on 11-point Monotype Grotesque 215 and 216 with 215 italic. This is a rare opportunity to combine three variations of the now fashionable Grots. As pictured, the fount includes u&lc, and all the figures,

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Caslon 12pt italic

‘Why are William Caslon’s types so excellent and so famous? To explain this & make it really clear . . .

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