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Matrix 35

Matrix 35 looks like being an unusually full and varied issue (even by its own standards, see over). We break our golden rule of ignoring the outpourings of the Whittington Press: there is a telling account of the . . .

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A Slow Ride to India

Once upon a time it was possible to drive from England to India, in the days when there was a Shah in Persia and a King in Afghanistan, and the Khyber Pass was still negotiable. A succession of Land Rovers, VW Campervans, and in one case a Mercedes bus still advertising its destination in Berlin, made the journey in the sixties and early seventies until revolutions and invasions put an end . . .

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Matrix 34

Matrix 34 encompasses a wide variety of topics, united by its primary interest in printing by letterpress, from metal type. This preoccupation can take many forms, and includes this year . . .

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A Boy at the Whittington Press by Paul Wakeman

Paul Wakeman was recruited in 1986 when the Oxford University Press was in the process of discarding its Monotype equipment and installing computers. With his help John Randle ferried car-loads of printing machinery . . .

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Matrix 33

Matrix 33 contain some 160 pages, including 8 pages of colour plates; type specimens printed in Sweden, Italy, America and the UK; and many other linocut, and line and colour illustrations. The contents includes: ‘A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall’: Protest

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Matrix 32

The 32nd issue of Matrix, the annual ‘Review for Printers and Bibliophiles’, is now published. Printed by letterpress in a variety of Monotype faces from hot metal (‘as God intended’, as the Revd Bernard Roberts, an early and regular Matrix

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Whittington Summer Show, 2018

Whittignton Summer Show poster, 2017.

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Rose’s Aga Recipes

Text by Rosalind Randle, linocuts by Judith Verity, this classic of kitchen literature and family life has gone through five editions.

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Matrix 30

John Craig never met his grandfather Edward Gordon Craig, who lived then in the South of France, but these affectionate letters show that the old man appreciated and fostered his grandson’s emerging talents. George Ramsden tracked down the life of

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Caslon 14-point

‘Why are William Caslon’s types so excellent and so famous? To explain this & make it really clear . . .

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Caslon 8 on 9-point

‘Why are William Caslon’s types so excellent and so famous? To explain this & make it really clear . . .

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Portraits of Presses, 1997

Ski Harrison’s photographic portraits of the eight most productive fine presses of the day: Fleece, Rampant Lions, Gregynog, Old Stile, Tern, I. M. Imprimit, Rocket and Whittington.

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