Le Tourbillon

This Matisse head appeared in the first issue of Verve, that feast of inspiration first published by Teriade in Paris in 1937. Le Tourbillon is from Truffaut’s film Jules et Jim of 1962. They first came together by chance in Matrix 23, the Matisse as the frontispiece and Le Tourbillon in Michael Caine’s type specimen of Paganini following p. 68, and then again in this poster printed for the 2003 open day, for no better reason than we could not resist printing them together.
The head is now perpetuated on a sheet of glass engraved by Antonia Macgregor in the Press. The lady’s gaze follows you whichever side of the glass you happen to be. We changed the colour of the Ingres from cream to pale blue.

25 ½ x 19 ins, 18- and 22-point Caslon, Zerkall Ingres cream mould-made, line block of Matisse drawing, 100 copies.


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