China 1953

Geoffrey Miller, for a while the printing partner of Edward Walters (see Matrix 00, pp. 00-00), was something of a mystery. Immensely talented as an engraver, but with a tiny output, nobody seemed to know anything about him until Sean Hawkins tracked him down and told the story in Matrix 30, pp. 57-62, for which we borrowed a few engravings and a selection of linocuts from Miller’s daughter Kathy.
This was the linocut we used in Matrix, printed on newsprint. Miller was a lifelong Communist, so the paper seemed appropriate. We printed 120 on Korean hand-made to go with the special copies of Matrix 30, and the Chinese subject seemed to sit particularly happily on the Korean paper.

25 x 18 1/2 ins, 30- and 12-point Caslon, Korean hand-made, linocut by Geoffrey Miller, 120 copies.


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