It’s Hard to Tell a Lie

This quotation appeared on James Mosley’s blog, and it appealed to us as Caslon (used here) is our favourite face. 60 copies were printed for the 2009 open day, and for the Caslon Club, an esoteric group whose membership is known only to its anonymous president, who has in any case mislaid the list of members.

The quotation is printed in Daniel Smith’s pyrrol orange, a heavily pigmented ink, only used on special occasions because of its cost, that resonates on the Jim Dine scarlet. We bought this wonderfully watermarked paper from the remains of the Petersburg Press stock when it was sold off in 1985, and the last few sheets of the red are used here. We printed a few on the daffodil yellow, similarly watermarked, but they did not have the same impact. These are half sheets, so some will be marked ‘Jim’, others ‘Dine’.

22 x 15 ins, 72- and 14-point Caslon, Jim Dine hand-made, 60 copies


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