The Whittington Press Open Day 2019

This year our annual open day falls on the 7th September.

The Press opens its doors at 1pm where we’ll have a selection of presses and Monotype casters in action. In addition we’ve invited other letterpress printers, binders and a marbler to exhibit their work in the space outside the Press during the afternoon.

Our open day coincides with the Whittington Village Summer Show, now in its 50th year, where highlights include the Human Fruit Machine, the Gloucestershire Constabulary band and the annual duck race.

The Whittington Press Open Day 2016


This year our annual open day will take place on Saturday 3rd September, beginning at 1pm. Added to our usual array of UK based letterpress printers are Russell Maret and Gaylord Schanilec from the USA, Peter Allen from France and Annette Disslin from Germany.

The Press will have three of its presses working, as well as an informal exhibition of its work, including copies of Venice, its latest title, and pages from Matrix 34 which is going on press this week. Neil Winter will be demonstrating the Monotype Casters and there will be displays of marbling, goatskin from Nigeria, hand-made and mould-made papers and hand-printed wallpaper.

As well as books and ephemera there will be an array of printers equipment and type for sale and the open day coincides with the village fete so if you fancy your chances at skittles or own a talented dog you could be going home with a few prizes . . .