Baskerville type

Recently discovered at Whittington: the diecase for 24-point Baskerville,which went missing a while ago. It’s probable that only a handful of these were made (only 11 were made for 24-point Caslon), and this one is barely used, and comes with the nicely lettered label from the Monotype department of Oxford University Press, whose diecases have been at Whittington since 1986. When time allows we shall be fonting Baskerville in 24-, 22-, 18-, 16-, 14- and 12-point roman and italic (roman only in 24- and 22-point), with all the ligatures and special sorts that Oxford always included with each face they installed – the 24-point roman includes the attractive ct ligature. We shall only do a small number of founts of each size, so please let us know if you’re interested.