The Whittington Press, A Bibliography 1982-1993, 1996

1 of 28 special copies in full leather.

This is the second, and so far the latest, volume of the Press’s bibliography. It was a decade in which the Press consolidated its activities to date and, taking advantage of having its own in-house typesetting facility, then almost unique amongst private presses, started to produce more ambitious titles such as A Miscellany of Type and The Stanbrook Abbey Press 1956-1990. Matrix grew and grew, till by Matrix 10 it reached 325 pages. There were major exhibitions of the Press’ work, particularly in America (at the University of Minnesota, and later on at the Grolier Club in New York and the University of California). All this activity is recorded by David Butcher, who also made a meticulous listing of the Press’ books, to which John added notes on the trials and tribulations of their production. The text is copiously illustrated with wood-engravings, line blocks, typographic displays, marbling and tipped-in samples.

This is one of the 28 copies full-bound in dark green Oasis with endpapers marbled at the Press, which contains a tipped-in printed sheet from each of the books described in the bibliography. In addition there is a portfolio of 50 items of ephemera from the Press, all contained in a leather-backed solander box [with a prospectus and some additional ephemera and broadsides].


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