A Boy at the Whittington Press by Paul Wakeman

“The Whittington Press is best known for producing the journal Matrix, an ongoing celebration of letterpress printing and book illustration. Paul Wakeman was recruited in 1986 when the Oxford University Press was in the process of discarding its Monotype equipment and installing computers. With his help John Randle ferried car-loads of printing machinery to Whittington. He did not know then that Paul was keeping this diary – it only recently came to light. The interaction between John and his assistant provides a fascinating counterpoint to the various activities of the Press.”

The book has 80 pages, 4 illustrations, and is bound in card wrappers.

Published June 2017 by:

UK: Stone Trough Books, 51 Walmgate, York, YO1 9TY

USA:Rulon-Miller Books, 400 Summit Avenue, St Paul, Minnesota 55102-2662


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